Erich Köhler GmbH

Erich Köhler GmbH

Business Description:

Mineral waters and soft drinks, Beverage Processing Machinery, Horticulture and Gardening, Natural Crafts, Solar and Recycling Energy, Painters, Joiners, Upholsterer, Brick Layers, Gas Services, Restaurant & Food Service Supplies, Flooring & Tiles, Waterproof Materials, Heating, Lifting platforms, Scaffold

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Erich Köhler GmbH




Company Head Office:

Erich Köhler GmbH
Friesstrasse 27
D-6 03


Heating units

We manufacture plate heating unit and special heating units. RADIK plate heating unit is designed for a building heating system with the highest admissible operation overpressure of 1,0 MPa as well as one-tube/two-tube system with forced/gravity circulation.

Heating elements for industrial furnaces

We design and produce spare heating elements for industrial furnaces. Heating elements for industrial resistance furnaces are designed and produced by an original KANTHAL technology from high quality KANTHAL materials. Spare heating elements can be deliverd with ceramic accessories.

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